2020 Marketing Resolutions

Many of us start the new year with a New Year’s resolution. Here’s what several IMCA Board members want to do better—or differently—with their marketing teams in 2020.

“In 2020, it’s all about seeing clearly and I’m ready to plan, plan, plan for better ROI all around. A lot of what we do in the marketing world can be spontaneous. In order to increase audience engagement, we need more strategic planning for the future. I resolve to step outside my content comfort zone and with every piece of content I create. Every project I start will have a very clear and very specific purpose.” 
Hadie Bartholomew
Media Content Leader
Westfield Group

 “I vow to start every engagement with the end in mind...how will we measure and prove a positive ROI for our efforts.”
Jim Flynn
Chief Brand Strategist

“I resolve to be a more mindful marketer, to be fully present, open to ideas, more strategic, and proactive. Marketing is a process, not a project.”
Valerie Foster
Director of Marketing
Berkley Alliance Managers

“In preparing a summary of 2019 activities, I realized that my department is moving so fast that we tend to forget how much we are actually accomplishing. I resolve to be better at celebrating the successes during the year and visibly post so we can all enjoy our incredible productivity.”
Stacey Rebbert
Director, Marketing & Corporate Communication
Harford Mutual

“I resolve to find new and different ways to reach our clients and provide thoughtful information in 2020.”
Jessica Marshall
Director of Marketing
CRC Group