Introduction to Insurance for Marketers
Insurance Fundamentals Through A Marketing Lens
Self-Paced Online Course


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Created in partnership with The National Alliance for Insurance Education & Research and the Insurance Marketing & Communications Association (IMCA), the Introduction to Insurance for Marketers course provides basic industry knowledge that helps insurance marketers craft effective messaging strategies, reach target audiences, and build trust.

Insurance Touches Every
Aspect of Our Lives.

Why Is It So Confusing?

Unless you’re an experienced industry professional, it can be hard to understand how the insurance industry works, generates revenue, and provides diverse opportunities for people with many interests and talents.

Insurance is Complex.
Industry Knowledge is Vital.

Marketing professionals new to the industry will likely encounter dense technical jargon, unfamiliar laws and regulations, and many product nuances that make messaging strategies difficult to perfect. 


Fundamentals Through a
Marketing Lens

Leverage the knowledge learned in this course to establish a stronger brand identity, craft effective stakeholder communication, and leverage distribution channels to reach target audiences.

3-Hour Self-Paced Online Course 

The Introduction to Insurance for Marketers course explores the fundamentals of the insurance industry through a marketing lens and examines key terminology to effectively market to consumers, businesses, and agencies. The course provides a basic understanding of how insurance has evolved from Lloyd’s of London and early fire policies into the complex industry it is today.


What you will learn:

Insurance Terminology for Marketers
Key terms necessary for a basic understanding of insurance.

A Brief History of Insurance
Major developments that have shaped the modern insurance industry.

Legal and Regulatory Developments in Modern Insurance
The ways in which governmental and private agencies monitor and regulate the insurance industry to protect consumers.

Organization of Insurance Companies Today
Structures and distribution methods commonly used by insurance companies.

Insurance Company Departments
How roles within insurance company departments contribute to the success of the company and where the marketing department fits into the overall structure.

The Mechanics of the Insurance Transaction
Typical sales processes used for personal lines and commercial lines transactions.

Insurance Company Financials
The three primary ratios for tracking profits and losses in an insurance company.

Insurance Marketing and Media Overview
Common media outlets used in insurance advertising.


Powerful Partnerships Accelerating our Industry

The knowledge gained from this self-paced course helps marketers reach target audiences and build trust.

The reliance on technical language, intricate product information, and complex regulations make the insurance industry one of the hardest to understand and market. For marketing professionals to meet their insurance organization’s objectives and business goals, they must have foundational knowledge of how insurance functions. 


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Introduction to Insurance for Marketers


3-Hour Course Including:

  • Insurance Terminology for Marketers
  • A Brief History of Insurance
  • Organization of Insurance Companies Today
  • Insurance Company Departments
  • The Mechanics of the Insurance Transaction
  • Insurance Company Financials
  • Insurance Marketing and Media Overview


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This course was created in partnership with the Insurance Marketing & Communications Association (IMCA) and is great for marketing professionals who are new to the industry or marketing teams wanting to deepen their understanding of insurance.

Sheri Musslewhite
Corporate Account Specialist