IMCA Showcase Award Winner Spotlight


Doing great work is rewarding in and of itself, but getting recognized for that work is important, too—especially when you’re a startup set on reshaping the insurance industry. Marketer Emily Mertz explains.

Insurance Marketing & Communications Association: Congratulations on winning multiple Showcase Awards, Emily! Tell us: Why was this project important to your organization? 

Emily Mertz: We wanted to step away from traditional marketing approaches typically seen from insurance carriers in an effort to match how Slice is re-imagining insurance. Slice strives to be informative and relatable in our efforts. We solved the problem of “traditional” insurance being elusive when it comes to understanding the inner workings of an insurance policy. By providing on-demand products, we modernize an old industry with a familiar experience. Our goal was to contribute to the holistic approach we have with Slice and insurance. 

IMCA: Great approach! Customers always appreciate transparency. Had you considered other methods or avenues to reach your goal before you settled on this one?

EM: We considered many approaches to our brand and made very deliberate decisions on our tone and our graphics. [During these projects], we made conscious decisions to stay committed to our brand principles, which at times felt uncertain, but proved to be the right decision. 

IMCA: What made you decide to enter the Showcase Awards? 

EM: Slice has submitted many award nominations for products and initiatives. We feel it’s important to recognize all departments in the company for their efforts.

IMCA: How will you push the envelope in 2021? Any plans to try new channels or methods based on what you’ve learned 

EM: In the startup culture, we are always learning and reiterating. 

IMCA: What advice do you have for other marketers/communicators who are looking for better ways to break through the clutter?

EM: Decide who you are as a company and as a brand and be fearless. Don’t be afraid to be different.

IMCA: Thanks, Emily. Congratulations again on your win. 

EM: My pleasure.