The SAMMY Award is given to the entry voted to be the best overall work among the Award of Excellence and Best of Show candidates submitted for the 2020 IMCA Showcase. This truly elite award is recognition by your peers of the highest standard of professionalism - thus the name SAMMY, "Special Award from Members".

Watch the proud sponsor of the 2020 SAMMY Award—Aartrijk—announce the winners:

Proud sponsor of the 2020 SAMMY Award - Aartrijk

First Place

Risk Placement Services, Inc. - Brand Campaign

Submission Category: External Corporate Brand/Image Advertising/Marketing

To distinguish Risk Placement Services (RPS) as leading specialty broker of choice, we wanted to build clear and creative brand positioning, differentiated in voice and look from the competition, creating a recognizable identity for RPS producers and service teams.

After research, we produced an entirely refreshed brand message and creative execution that directly answered the needs of our target audience while conveying the energy, enthusiasm and approachability of the RPS culture with a modernized, bold style. 

The brand campaign built upon these refreshed brand fundamentals, showcasing the new RPS brand message and establishing our new brand promise. With the objective and measurable outcomes simple to quantify, the campaign generated 5.84 million impressions and achieved a .20% CTR (above Google benchmarks).

What is not measurable is the sense of pride and enthusiasm expressed by our employees about the visibility of the RPS brand, standing as one of the leading specialty products distributors, and the differentiating and energetic tone expressed in the creative.

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Second Place

Gallagher - Zoos & Aquariums Campaign 

Submission Category: Integrated Digital Marketing Campaign

Find this a-peeling? Quit monkeying around and vote for the Zoos & Aquariums campaign for the SAMMY!

Zoos & Aquariums are responsible for exposing people to the world of nature, and that opens organizations up to a wide variety of unique risks. Recent events highlight the need for organizations to proactively prepare for security threats to avoid significant financial loss and reduce the potential of legal liability. We developed a lead generation campaign highlighting Gallagher Crisis Protect for Zoos & Aquariums, which provides 24-hour consultative support immediately following a security event to reduce business interruption and minimize adverse publicity resulting in severe damage to reputation. As the exclusive insurance sponsor of the Association of Zoos & Aquariums conference, we reached influential zoo institutional directors, with 89% having insurance buying/decision-making power. Check out Gallagher's multi-faceted campaign to educate institutional directors on Crisis Protect for Zoos & Aquariums.

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Third Place

Foremost Insurance Group - Brand Style Guide

Submission Category:
Employee Corporate Communications

The Foremost Marketing Team created a Brand Style Guide to clearly communicate our brand’s image, voice and standards.

It’s a key document to help our team members — both veterans and newcomers — create on-brand content. It also empowers other groups — like Product and Sales — as a guide for providing customers with a consistent experience. For company leadership, it illustrates the strategies we use to ensure all of our work communicates Foremost’s vision of delivering A Better Insurance Experience®.

Based on feedback from various teams, the Brand Style Guide has become a staple, and is used frequently when creating content, reviewing communications and sharing messages with our Independent Agents and customers.

The Foremost Marketing Team facilitated several sessions with other teams and departments to discuss and explore the Brand Style Guide. These sessions led to valuable, mutually beneficial conversations between Marketing, Sales and Product as we discussed on-brand practices for voice, tone, logo use, web standards, and more.

Overall, the Brand Style Guide has helped us build more connections between business units, creating a more unified, focused Foremost team, and — ultimately — accomplishing our goal of cultivating a stronger, more consistent brand.

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