Judging Criteria

Judging is conducted by teams of marketing, advertising, communications, design and audio-visual professionals from outside and within the insurance industry. Judging teams review all entries in each category and rate them based on the information that you provide on your online entry form and the following criteria:

Non-Digital Communications Categories

  • Strategy, Effectiveness & Functionality – Potency of impact with measurable success criteria and demonstrated results, calls to action and professionalism in accomplishing the stated objective
  • Audience & Focus – Reflects the interest, needs and language of the stated target audience, absence of conceptual dissonance
  • Content – Well-written copy or script, use of compelling language, clear messaging, articulation of complex concepts
  • Design & Presentation – Artistry, visual appeal and synergy, insight and uniqueness, enhances the communications objectives

Digital communications other than social media categories

  • Strategy and/or goals with measurable success criteria and demonstrated results
  • Design & Presentation – Core design concepts, layout, use of space and tools, synchronization of visual and audio elements
  • Functionality – Overall operational efficiency, audience appeal and usability, quality of code, navigation and site performance
  • Content, Audience & Focus – Content quality and usefulness, verbal expression and clarity of language, overall information architecture and access

Social Media

  • Strategy and/or objectives with measurable success criteria and demonstrated results
  • Design & Presentation – Cohesively branded and sets clear community expectations
  • Effective Use of Platform – Leverages the strengths of one or more platforms, the tools available with the platforms, and where applicable demonstrates integration with other media.
  • Content, Audience & Focus – Quality content, fosters engagement, shows authentic and timely participation with relevant information, encouraging peer-to-peer interaction and fostering advocacy