Honoring work completed in 2019.

Division I: Employee Corporate Communications

Employee Corporate Print Communication 

Best of Show:             Foremost Insurance Group – Foremost Insurance Brand Style Guide

Employer Corporate Multimedia Communication

Award of Excellence: Orchid Insurance – 2019 Q3-Q4 Recruitment Campaign

                                     Risk Placement Services – Risk Factor

Employer Corporate Communications Campaign

Best of Show:             SageSure Insurance Managers – 2020 Employer Value Proposition

Award of Excellence: Foremost Insurance Group – Minutes with Mike 

                                     SageSure Insurance Managers – 2019 Personas Launch                               

Division II: External Corporate Communications

External Corporate Print Communications

Award of Excellence: Grinnell Mutual – 2018 Annual Report

                                     Grinnell Mutual – Teamwork Magazine: 2019 Quarter 4 (tie)

                                     UFG Insurance – 2019 Worth It Overview Folder  (tie)                          

External Corporate Multimedia Communications

Best of Show:             UFG Insurance – 2019 S.T.O.P Group Worth It Story

Award of Excellence: USI Insurance Services – USI 2019 International Women’s Day Video

                                      IAT Insurance Group – 2019 Recruiting Roundtable (tie)

                                      VGM Insurance Services – Cedar Bend Humane Society Video (tie)

External Corporate Communications Campaign

Best of Show:              CRC Group – 2019 COVID-19 Campaign

Award of Excellence:  Falvey Insurance Group – Net Promoter Score® Campaign

                                      IAT Insurance Group – 2019 Life at IAT Campaign (tie)

                                      Westfield Insurance – Agency sales incentive Bermuda Trip integrated

Annual Report – Private or Publicly Traded

Award of Excellence:   Harford Mutual Insurance – 2018 Annual Statement and Review

                                       Shelter Insurance – 2018 Annual Report

Media/Public Relations

Best of Show:                VGM Insurance Services – Bid Bonds Industry Launch

Award of Excellence:    Westfield Insurance – Media Announcement IV Bag | PR mailer - "New Life
                                        for Insurance"

External Corporate Brand/Image Advertising/Marketing

Best of Show:                 Risk Placement Services – Brand Campaign

Award of Excellence:     Falvey Insurance Group – Net Promoter Score® Campaign 

                                         Westfield Insurance – Westfield Agribusiness FAB Product Launch

External Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Campaign

Best of Show:                  Aviva Canada – Take Back Our Roads (tie)

                                          Risk Placement Services – Leap Into Giving (tie)

Award of Excellence:      HAI Group – 2019 Resident Scholarship Program (tie)

                                          USI Insurance Services – USI Gives Back 2019 Corporate Social
                                          Responsibility Campaign 

Division III: Marketing Communications

Print Marketing Communication - Single Piece

Award of Excellence:       UFG Insurance – 2019 Baltic P&C Agency Trip Promotional Package

                                           Slice Labs – Slice Labs 2019 Marketing (tie)

                                           VGM Insurance Services – About Us Brochure (tie)

Print Marketing Communication - Multiple Pieces

Award of Excellence:       HealthMarkets – 2019 SureBridge DVH Agent/Consumer Product Launch 

Marketing Communications Campaign

Best of Show:                   Gallagher – Connecting Data to People Strategy (tie)

                                           Slice Labs – Slice Labs 2019 Marketing (tie)

Award of Excellence:       Jewelers Mutual Group – Jewelers Mutual "Jewelry Obsessed

                                           Sun Life Financial – Access to Care – Bright Paper and podcast (tie)

Broadcast Media Spot or Campaign

Best of Show:                   Shelter Insurance – 2019 Television Campaign

Award of Excellence:       HealthMarkets – 2019 “Back Porch FitScore” Medicare TV Commercial 

Audio/Visual Communications Less Than 2 Minutes

Best of Show:                    Life Happens – Life is for Living

Award of Excellence:        Ecclesiastical Insurance – Every Building Tells a Story (tie)

                                            UFG Insurance – 2019 PhotoLINK Launch Video (tie)

Audio (Podcast)/Visual Communications 2 Minutes or Longer

Best of Show:                   CRC Group – Placing You First Podcast 2019

Award of Excellence:        LISI – Carrier Calls Podcast 

                                            LISI – Coffee with Carriers 


Best of Show:                    Gallagher – CORE360 Insights

Award of Excellence:        CRC Group – Placing You First Podcast 2019 

                                            Slice Labs – Slice Labs 2019 Marketing 

Carrier, Agent or Broker Publications

Best of Show:                     UFG Insurance – 2019 Surety Connections Redesign

Award of Excellence:         The Cincinnati Insurance Companies – The Cincinnatian 

                                              Harford Mutual Insurance – Product Guide 

Insurance Industry Publications

Best of Show:                       Independent Agent Magazine – Independent Agent Magazine
                                               - March 2020

Award of Excellence:           ReSource Pro – 2019 Sales and Service Balancing Act Ad

Event or Experiential Marketing

Best of Show:                        Foremost Insurance Group – Hall of Fame 2019

Award of Excellence:            Foremost Insurance Group – National Sales Meeting 2020

                                                LISI – BETA

Website or Portal

Best of Show:                        Vertibrands - NIP Group Website

Award of Excellence:            SageSure Insurance Managers – SageSure.com 2020 Redesign

                                                HealthMarkets – 2019 HealthMarkets Careers Site Redesign (tie)

                                                HealthMarkets – 2019 HealthMarkets Direct-to-Consumer

                                                Sun Life Financial – The Benefits innovations website (tie)

Integrated Digital Marketing Campaign 

Best of Show:                        Gallagher – Zoos & Aquariums Campaign 

Award of Excellence:            Gallagher – Connecting Data to People Strategy 

                                                Vertibrands – CATcoverage Programmatic Campaign 

Email Marketing Campaign

Best of Show:                        CRC Group – 2019 Tools & Intel Monthly Newsletter

Award of Excellence:            Gallagher – Flood Awareness

                                                UFG Insurance – 2019 Baltic P&C Agency Trip Promotional Emails   

Social Media Marketing Campaign

Best of Show:                         Sun Life Financial – 2019 Carry the Torch Sun Life Campaign

Award of Excellence:             Foremost Insurance Group – Ride On Motorcycle Campaign  

                                                 ReSource Pro – 2020 Business Continuity Plan Checklist                                  

Blog - Single Post

Best of Show:                         VGM Insurance Services - Lessons We’ll Take Into 2020

Award of Excellence:             ReSource Pro – Independent Insurance Agents: Are They Going

                                                 CRC Group – 2019 How the Coronavirus is Impacting Insurance
                                                 Markets, So Far 

                                                 Orchid Insurance – The Difference Between HO3 and HO5
                                                 - Blog Post 

Blog -Series or Category 

Best of Show:                          Frankenmuth Insurance – Life Insurance Blog Series

Award of Excellence:              CRC Group – 2019 Tools & Intel

Total Sales/Marketing/Branding Campaign Less Than $15,000

Best of Show:                          Frankenmuth Insurance – Disaster Planning Marketing Campaign

Award of Excellence:              LISI – Coffee with Carriers 

                                                  Vertibrands – PAK Programs' "Great American Breweries"

Total Sales/Marketing/Branding Campaign $31,000-$50,000 

Best of Show:                          Vertibrands – Brownyard "Happy Place" Campaign

Total Sales/Marketing/Branding Campaign More Than $100,000

Best of Show:                           Frankenmuth Insurance – 2019 Grand Rapids Awareness Campaign

Award of Excellence:               Missouri Employers Mutual – Brand Refresh & Website Design

Division IV: Miscellaneous Categories

In-House - Print Communications

Best of Show:                          The Cincinnati Insurance Companies – The Cincinnatian

Award of Excellence:               Midwest Employers Casualty – The Midwest Employers Casualty
                                                   Making a Difference Booklet Series

                                                   VGM Insurance Services – About Us Brochure

In-House - Multimedia Communications

Best of Show:                          HAI Group – HAI Group Virtual Risk Management Conference
                                                  Promotional Video

Award of Excellence:              UFG Insurance – 2019 ProSeries Video Campaign 

                                                  VGM Insurance Services – Cedar Bend Humane Society Video 

Most Out-Of-The-Box Idea

Best of Show:                           Foremost Insurance Group – The House of Bad Choices 

Award of Excellence:               Vertibrands – PAK Programs' IRAD Interactive Map 

                                                   SageSure Insurance Managers – 2019 Liberty Mutual Direct Mail

Creative Development on a Shoestring 

Award of Excellence:               Shelter Insurance – Agent water bottle wraps