About IMCA


The IMCA community elevates the role of insurance marketing and communications professionals with networking, thought leadership, and education.


Empowering a diverse and talented community of marketing and communications professionals to inspire change, promote brands and shape the future of the industry. We aspire to see an insurance marketing and communications professional at every table where strategic business decisions are being made.


1. Creative – We are adventurous and open-minded.

We are fearlessly creative. We question the status quo, encouraging innovation and change. We challenge ourselves to break free of tradition, using the full range of strategies, tactics, technology, and creativity. We see around corners for the next opportunity.

2. Dedicated – We bring our A game.

We are committed to growing and learning. We evaluate new techniques, strategies, and information and work with peers and experts to educate our members. We always put our best work forward. We bring grit. We challenge ourselves to overcome obstacles, make things better, and improve ourselves and our organizations. We promote best practices and high professional standards.

3. Collaborative – We freely share ideas.

We think beyond ourselves. We leverage our collective genius. Together, we influence insurance marketing and communications. We provide opportunities for members to connect with each other, even when they might compete in the marketplace. We place ego aside. We network, collaborate, think big, look for better ways. We showcase and celebrate outstanding work by our peers.

4. Respectful – Every person and every moment counts.

We are prepared, showing up ready to go. We communicate honestly and openly. We appreciate the diversity of our industry and the people who comprise it. We make it easy for others to know and trust us by being approachable, forthright, humble, and transparent. We stay human, treating every person, their perspectives, their skillsets, and their time with respect. In doing so, we build a positive team and spirit to help others achieve more.

5. Passionate – We love what we do.

We care deeply for this industry. We empower our fellow professionals. We are dedicated to seeking the rightful place of marketing and communications in leadership teams across our member organizations. We find strength in the similar paths each of our members walks during their day-to-day, learning from one another, and creating lasting friendships. We understand our responsibility to shape a better future. We’re proud of our work, and we have fun along the way.


IMCA is the oldest insurance marketing trade association in North America, founded in 1923 as the Insurance Advertising Conference (IAC). In 1984, we changed our name to the Insurance Marketing Communications Association to better reflect the evolving roles of insurance communicators. The name was amended in 2005 to the Insurance Marketing & Communications Association to better differentiate members’ broad expertise in marketing, public relations, corporate communications and emerging digital communication practices.