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The Value of IMCA Membership

IMCA Executive Chair Valerie Foster discusses how IMCA membership has supported her career and outlines her 2019-2020 strategic priorities for the association. Continue reading

Relaunching Your Personal Brand

First impressions are lasting impressions, sometimes longer than you would like. When workplace or industry colleagues have an outdated impression of you, it can undermine your credibility and hold you back in your career. Fortunately, as marketers, we’re familiar with how branding/rebranding can reposition a company or product in the marketplace. If your personal brand is out-of-date, it might be time to rebrand yourself and introduce these colleagues to the new you. Continue reading

Creating Your Roadmap for Change
A highlight of IMCA’s 2019 Annual Conference was a panel discussion on navigating change in your marketing career. IMCA board members Anna Hargis, Rachel Harris and Angela Kim provided insight into how they’ve successfully effected and responded to change in their careers. Following is a recap of selected remarks our panelists made during this discussion. Continue reading

Building a Data-Driven Marketing Strategy
One of the highlight’s of the 2019 IMCA Annual Conference in Minneapolis was John Bell’s presentation, “Marketing in the Age of the Connected Customer.” Following the conference, John, vice president, Enterprise Digital Marketing at Travelers, has provided IMCA with these additional insights into effectively leveraging customer data. According to John, data is the key to a personalized, customer-centric marketing approach. Continue reading

How Lo(cal) Can You Go In Target Marketing?
In a digital lead-generation campaign, the Gallagher Global Brokerage Marketing team was able to successfully promote college student personal property coverage to parents (primary audience) and students (secondary). Over a two-month period, this marketing   program generated more than 11x ROI for the company’s Southeast region. Continue reading

There's Something About a Sell Sheet
There are lots of good alternatives to sell sheets. Continue reading

Using Your Brand to Make an Emotional Connection

IMCA turned to brand strategist Derrick Daye for his thoughts on why today’s brands need to make an emotional connection with agents and clients. Continue reading

Upgrade Your Marketing Agency Relationships from Good to Great

Any relationship takes work. Your marketing department’s relationship with its advertising agency or design firm is no exception. In a good relationship, your agency responds to campaign requests with several creative options, helps solve business challenges and produces projects on time and on budget. A great relationship is one where the agency — with your help — develops a working understanding of your business and understands its corporate culture. Continue reading

Why You Should Enter Marketing Award Competitions

Marketing is inherently a competitive space. Our sole purpose is to drive revenue; some may disagree, but fundamentally, every activity a marketing department performs should be to support their firm’s business objectives (read: make money) through marketing strategies. Period. Meeting this objective takes many forms. We use terms like brand equity, customer journey, omni-channel, earned media and so on, evoking the occasional eye-roll from our non-marketing peers who simply don’t speak our language. Continue reading

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